TY Beanie Babies VALENTINO BEAR 20 Errors & Distinctive 1993/1994 VERY RARE

 April 16, 2020      

Meet Valentino, he is so sweet with many ERRORS and DISTINCTIONS!! What make Valentino unique is his right ear is bigger than this left. He also has a brown nose!! He is used in Super Great Condition like NEW!! He has a Brown nose instead of black (see photo) 2. Very Rare Left ear is



Princess Diana Beanie Baby production #472 and Valentino with errors VERY RARE

 March 18, 2020      

In this listing, I have two extremely rare and sought after beanie babies beginning with the infamous, Princess Diana. The tush tag is dated 1997 and is labeled with P. However, due to the red factory stamp and production number 472 on the inside of the tush tag; this is a generation 4 tag with



VERY RARE Valentino (2) Error Beanie Baby with (1) Error Valentina Included

 November 29, 2019      

This listing is for a VERY Rare Ty Valentino Beanie Baby with heart swing tag and tush tag! This bear is in perfect quality. Valentino has a 5th Generation Swing (Heart) Tag with birthday of 02/14/94. This bear was introduced on 01/07/95 and retired on 12/31/98. NEW TY VALENTINO BEANIE BABY. SWING TAG WITH 2