Lego Star Wars Smooth Hair Princess Leia 10198 Factory Error Sdcc Nycc Very Rare

 December 27, 2019      

Up for sale is a very rare Princess Leia from set 10198 (Tantive IV). This is a very cool figure as some of these Leia’s had a factory error and have smooth hair instead of the wavy hair they are supposed to come with. By the time Lego figured out what happened some of them



2 Euro Portugal Coin 2002 Defect Stamp ERROR Very Rare Euro Coin Star Defects

 December 19, 2019      

The third royal seal of 1144 of Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, is encircled by alternately the seven country’s castles and the five coats of arms, which appear an the Portugese flag, and the letters of the word “PORTUGAL”, themselves encircled by the twelve stars of Europe. A map, next to the face



Fr1614 $1 Star Note With Gutter Fold Error – Very Rare – Pcgs 58 Ppq Wlm1882

 December 2, 2019      

GRADED NOTES AND ENCASED COINS ARE FINAL SALE. Mi nt = With original Gum. Unused = Stamp without gum or regummed. We review all best offers. Certain items, such as ZEPPELINS and HIGH DENOMINATION notes, have very little profit margins, leaving very little room for discounting. Offers within 5% of the asking price have the