VERY RARE Ty Valentino Beanie Baby Swing tag tush errors PVC no stamp

 March 30, 2020      

Comes in clear plastic protective case. Left Ear larger than Right Ear. Stitching on the back of the head not straight and veers to the left. Interior Hang tag says Fareham, Hants. Missing UK on Hang Tag after 5TX. 1993 Tush Tag (Does not match Hang Tag that says 94). No Stamp on Inside of



Very RARE 1993 Garcia The Bear Ty Beanie Baby PVC 3rd Gen / 2nd Gen Errors

 March 29, 2020      

Stored in a plastic container in a smoke free home. Slight crease on front hang tag. Rare Deutschland 90008 Nürnberg Designation. Rare Waterlooville, Hants Designation. Pellets (Means original version). No comma between Oakbrook and IL. No poem or DOB. No star or stamp (Means not Mass Produced). Tush tag has both REG NO PA &