2 Euro Coin Germany Missprint Error, Deutschland Very Rare commemorative

 February 17, 2020      

2 Euro commemorative coin with minting error. I found this coin in circulation in late 2016 in Slovenia, so it is in very good state. The back side of the coin is defective. This makes the coin one of a kind. I can send you a detailed video of the coin if you like. The



2 Euro Portugal Coin 2002 Defect Stamp ERROR Very Rare Euro Coin Star Defects

 December 19, 2019      

The third royal seal of 1144 of Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, is encircled by alternately the seven country’s castles and the five coats of arms, which appear an the Portugese flag, and the letters of the word “PORTUGAL”, themselves encircled by the twelve stars of Europe. A map, next to the face